Define Your Duende

Elizabeth Driscoll 
Psychotherapist & Educator

The root of my work is to define the duende, the fire or brilliance, inherent in every individual.


We can explore the temporary blocks unconscious drives, addictive patterns, and environmental challenges through talk therapy and/or consulting work. We then can customize an approach together that best fits your needs and desires to have the tools and skills required for the challenge at hand.   


I received my MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University.  I have worked as a psychotherapist, treatment team leader, coach, DBT instructor, and outreach worker in various agencies and mental health organizations. My specialties are in psychotherapy for individuals and couples, coaching and group work.  I am fluent in both English and Spanish and I'm passionate about serving marginalized populations therapeutically.

My Duende



Phone or Video Conference 
 Psychotherapy or Coaching
DBT Skills Group For Teens
  In-Person Psychotherapy or Coaching


Thank you for helping me realize that I have the strength inside myself to make it through this difficult time...And that I will come out wiser, more authentic, and more intentional because of it. 

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