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Radical Acceptance

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

In celebration of Define Your Duende’s first teen DBT skills Group starting this month, I’ll be posting my favorite skills over the month of June. I see DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) as life skills we all could utilize to thrive in our lives. I use these skills on the daily. These are the type of things we should be learning in school. We teach our children basic academics but are lacking in offering skills to work with one’s mind and emotions.

DBT is a way for us to orient to these basics. There are four main modules in DBT: Distress tolerance, Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, & Emotional Regulation. Don’t these skills sound useful? Like, areas where we could use a little support around from time to time? Distress tolerance is where I begin my groups. Distress tolerance tackles accepting, finding meaning for, and tolerating distress. Radical Acceptance is part of the reality acceptance skills within distress tolerance and is essentially practicing complete and total openness to the facts of reality as they are, without responding with willful ineffectiveness. Here I am pictured above, not having my hand raised, having lost my last boxing match. I could have thrown a tantrum, I could have fought this decision, and for what?

A Radical acceptance approach is realizing the most effective way for me to deal with this is to learn from the experience and respond with grace. This frees me to have the energy to re-orient to improvement in my boxing skills and to celebrate the achievements of my opponent, someone who is willing to rock it out with me in the ring in front of a crowd! Radical acceptance is often confused for wanting, approval, giving up or in. It’s not these things, in this case, it’s accepting the judging process in boxing and learning what I have to do next time to Win for the judges. Radical acceptance is concerned with the matter I’m most passionate about in therapy, which is, reducing unnecessary suffering and increasing one’s sense of freedom.

I have a few more spots in my ongoing DBT teen group that is starting this month. Learn more about DBT and this group under Groups & Events. #dbt #dbtskills #radicalacceptance#distresstolerance #dbttherapy #teentherapy #freedom


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